Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Everything!

I had intended to get on here a week ago and keep up with posting, but a trip to Cali to visit family, Disneyland and the Queen Mary got the better of me.

Ah well, at any rate I want to wish you all a wonderful season...whatever it brings!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh boy.

Yep. That's a Sharpie in his hand...and all over his face.

I thought it was funny until Jim mentioned that he hoped it would come off since we were going somewhere the next day.

Luckily it did.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Better pic

Instead of editing the last post, I 'll just post a new pic of the trees. I don't know why I didn't use this one before.

Merry X-MESS!

Welcome to my dining room. Isn't it lovely and inviting? Where would you like to sit...on the floor, maybe? UGH! I decided to trudge out to the garage and get the Christmas decorations out and get to decorating. No big deal except that I had another mess still going from trying to organize the downstairs room that's off the dining room.


In trying to figure out what to do, I've come up with this beauty of a scene below. Not cute. It extends into the kitchen and blocks the pantry door, the laundry and the back door. Lots of grunting going on just to get outside or something to eat. And don't think I've done any laundry.

I'm too busy messing up the house. :)


At any rate, trying to decorate a new house is always fun, yes? And I'm especially excited because of the built in hutch, awesome moulding, banister, porch and other cool details our house has. The problem is I've never had any of those things to deal with before. That means that the decorations I have have always been used in the same way on the same pieces of furniture and such.

Make sense?

Each time he walks through my husband mutters "More stuffs." Yes, 'stuffs'. It's an inside joke. Anyway. I don't want to buy anything new...before we moved we had yard sales and I went through and got rid of lots of stuffs, so I don't really want to add anymore.

That is unless I Just. Can't. Live. Without. It. ;)
Seriously, when is that ever NOT the case?

So far, this is my favorite thing. I bought the Farm Chicks Christmas book (I saw Serena signing books at our local Costco) and tried this craft. Super easy and a bit therapeutic since it's repetitive and easy.

At your local craft store get foam cones and use ribbon, twine, fabric, paper, whatever, and just wrap it around the cone until it's covered. Then secure with hot glue or straight pins. I still need to put a little poof on the blue tree, but for all intensive purposes (I know that's incorrect, but until I can remember where I heard the wrong phrase, I'm using it) they're done.

I know this scene still needs something, just not sure what. Hopefully there's something hiding in my tubs that'll be perfect. Please???

The only other space that I think is done is this corner. I saw a blogger who had purchased a super cool mantel at the Pottery Barn Outlet. Jealous!! I used to live near-ish an outlet in CA and NEVER went! Why? I don't know....

One day while Guerin was at hockey practice I headed to the nearest Pier One (a poor man's Pottery Barn? Maybe.) Love you Pier One!! :*

There is a PB that is close to me now, but not to where I was that day. Anyway....I can really get off track, can't I?? Wow. Sorry.

So while I was in there I saw the shelf you see below. On sale for $25 big ones. Can't go wrong. Hubby hung it last night and although it's sturdy and mantel-ish, I don't what else to put on it. (I actually wanted to paint a creamy color and distress it, but it's cool for now.) Greenery for sure...just need to get some. And I'm not in love (barely in like is more like it) with the candle holder. Jim likes it though. He doesn't have a ton of say in lots of rooms in the house, so the living room is a little more tailored for his taste. Nice of me, huh? ;)

In fact I don't even like it enough to take off the tag. Even though it's past the 30 day return time. Also the basket with the blankets has the tag still, too. I do like that...I just forgot about the tag.

I told myself I can't leave the house until this is finished, but I'm itching to get out of the house! Luckily I didn't tell anyone that little tidbit, so maybe I'll cheat and head out to Hobby Lobby.

To add to the pressure, Guerin and I are headed back to Cali next week to visit relatives and use our Disneyland passes for the last time. :( So there's packing and last minute shtuff (you can figure out that meaning!) to do....

Sigh. Lots to do. Gotta run.......