Monday, October 18, 2010

Wild moose chase!

So this is how we spent our Saturday morning:

1. Starbucks. Hot chocolate for Guerin, always yummy. Salted Caramel Mocha for me. Lame. Disappointed. Basically a mocha with a dash of salt on top.

2. Cruise new 'hood to see what's what.

3. Spot a moose between a soccer field and townhome complex.

4. Drive home fast (but safely) to get camera and hubby...he was irritated to go, said he was just getting ready to clean the kitchen. huh, say what??

5. Go back, just miss the moose as he was being chased away by cows, and on drive home, spot him again (us and the local news crew) and chase the poor thing (for pics and the adventure of it all ;) ). Meanwhile, my son is being interviewed by the news guy, I didn't notice since I was too busy running after the moose, and later, he and the moose are the top story!!

I had to laugh when I saw the clip originally (it was later re-edited) and they actually had 'Top Story' running along the screen! Back in Cali the top stories were usually gang related.

Anyway, here's Guerin's Spokane news debut:

Another funny thing was that they thought the kid (Brandon) in the white hoodie was ours - he's not, but he was a nice kid to whom we gave a ride when we had to jump in our cars to chase the moose up the road before he cleared the fence.

P.S. And wouldn't you know it, I ended up cleaning the kitchen....oh well.

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