Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Should have used Crisco

We were supposed to bake yesterday. I went out and stayed out longer than I anticipated. Bad mom. So today we did it. We decided on chocolate chip cookies. Not rocket science, not a huge deal, just simple and yummy. Right? Right.

After getting everything ready, Guerin went to work. He likes to bake. He also likes to eat the dough. I guess we all do, though, right? I do.

It's pretty cold here, so we turned on the heater and got to it. The brown sugar was rock hard! (As Guerin was realizing this, I yelled that he was going to make a huge mess of it since he was trying to dig it out of the box with a knife.) The pantry, although in the kitchen area, isn't heated, so we put it in the microwave for a few seconds. I've never had to do that before! Big deal, I know. ;)

Looking good in the oven....I promise the oven is clean. This shot may make you think otherwise, but just trust me, ok? Thanks.

Even as I laid out the ingredients and cut up the two sticks of butter so they could soften faster, I thought to myself 'Crisco would be better'. I should have listened. I didn't want to have two sticks of cut up butter to contend with in the fridge. Such a problem, right? Anyway, we used the butter. And got flat cookies.

Guerin said that it's ok because they work better for dunking that way. Sweet boy.
I wouldn't know, I'm not really a dunker. I like to take a bite then take a drink of milk. It's been a messy endeavor on more than one occasion. ;)

Well, I guess it's not a huge deal since they still taste and look like chocolate chip cookies. That's all that matters.

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Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I still think the cookies look yummy... To answer your children question... I do indeed have 5 boys, I have birthed 4... A few summers ago, my nephew same age as my oldest moved in with us... So I do claim him as a child as I am raising him... However I didn't birth him...