Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's all in the details

Or is it? I love me some details!! In stories told and read, on people, in decor, in nature, little ones, big ones, ones you may not think are important. I think they're pretty much all important.

That may be why it takes me so long to tell a story. Kinda drives my hubby and son crazy sometimes. Oops. But as I'm telling a story, it makes sense to me to tell everything that helps the story along, because how else is one to get the whole meaning of what I'm saying? How are they going to feel like they were there?!

So on that note, how wordy is too wordy for a blog post? When does the average reader just think "Oh my, get to the point already!" Or just stop reading all together? Even now as I write this post, I'm typing and deleting, typing and deleting trying to spit it out.

Maybe it doesn't matter how much I write as opposed to the quality? Simple idea, right?


But It also comes through in how I decorate our home. How I shop for myself.

Visual clutter. Too many items (that I don't wear, but that I love...yipes!) It's starting to feel like too much all the time.

I look around our home (and in my closet and craft room) and get, at the same time, frazzled and comforted. How do you pare down? How do you know when the love is gone? ;)

The problem I'm coming across is this: how do I pare down the details? How do I know what counts and what doesn't?

I know that the true answer lies only with myself, and I need to do what's good for me.

I suppose a new year is a great way to start a new 'thing', right? I don't generally make resolutions since it's not in my makeup to see them through. :) I'm extremely in decisive and a bit emotional when it comes to making choices.

(Shopping with me would probably be miserable for most's frustrating for me!)

I'm going to take this year and try a new path. One of clarity and purging. Forgetting and forgiving.

Forgiveness for me is a biggie! Boy, can I hold a grudge. I know that it's better to forgive and forget, but it's just SO hard for me.

In my life, there's a lot going on in the last couple years; the death of my grandpa and the subsequent falling apart of different parts of my family. I don't really want to get into it here, but it's weighing quite heavily on my present life and I can't seem to find a way out from under it. I'm working on it, but I can't do it alone and the other parties involved don't seem to see both sides of the situation.


A huge move for my little family from CA to WA and trying to adjust.

Yep, a new year is definitely what I need. What my family needs. What the world needs.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year to all of you!! :)

*pics taken by me at our local park, Manito Park, on Thursday. It's a gorgeous park with several gardens, duck pond and TONS of beautiful trees!

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Keri said...

Awesome pics! I love the one with the sun coming through. Beautiful!