Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodwill, here I come

So, I'm biting the bullet. Getting rid of stuff we just don't use/need anymore...for real and for good! The garage is in the middle of a cleaning (hubby started it and it's still in disarray) and I finally tackled the school/craft room. It feels really good actually, and I'm anxious to get the extra stuff out of the house. Learning to let go isn't easy for me; I learned to love everything at a young age and keep things for their sentimental value. I'm slowly realizing that I don't necessarily need the object in order to have the memories and that's a good thing. I'm loving the free feeling of not holding on to 'things' anymore. I didn't realize how stifling it is until I cleared it out. Hopefully someone else will benefit from our used goods.

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