Monday, January 18, 2010

To TV or not to TV

We were TV-less for the last 7 months. We all lived. Our neighbor was impressed. It wasn't like we didn't watch anything; we have all seasons of The Office on DVD and are now full and complete experts on the show and every DVD extra thrown our way. Go ahead, ask me a question. Anything about that show. ;) We watched everyday and it never got boring or too repetetive. Promise. I know it sounds a bit silly, but each episode has a new 'treasure' to find at each viewing; be it a newly funny line or a face made by Jim to the camera that we missed. (My favorite Jim face has to be during Dinner Party when they're playing charades and Jim is messing with Michael about his clues and then peers behind Michael to give the camera the smallest grin.) We also spent a lot of time at Blockbuster renting some new, some old movies.

J (hubby) and G (son) were getting a little antsy what with the middle of hockey season in full swing. They go to Ducks games (the local team) and that's all well and good, but the Ducks are kinda stinkin' it up right now. They were desperate to watch some good hockey and wanted the NHL Center Ice package. It's really a great deal if you can get it in your area. Lots of interesting shows, not just games.

So the cable guy showed up a few weeks ago and I have to admit I was a bit excited. I have favorite shows to watch and hadn't seen them in so long, I wondered if they were even airing anymore. They are. Literally the SAME EPISODES I watched 7 months ago and earlier. I caught new episodes of What Not To Wear (I love Clinton), but they changed the format a bit (and no more Nick Arojo. Whatever. I love his accent), and a new House Hunters or two, but mostly reruns. I had developed a shameful love for crazy, sometimes trashy reality shows too. Housewives of Orange County? Check. The lovely Kardashian girls? Check. Little People Big World? Check. Housewives of NJ? Double check!! They aren't on just yet, but I love them the most. Caroline? Come on. She RULES! I also really liked Tori and Dean, but we don't get Oxygen. I'll even admit to liking QVC. The only thing we haven't seen are new episodes of The Office. I believe that will happen on Thursday. Gotta get some snacks...we always had Snack Thursday when we watched regular programming.

I guess this means we're a normal family again? I don't know about that, but now thanks to the DVR feature we can live our lives, keep up with our fave shows and the Joneses in peace and harmony.

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