Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two things

First: We used to have an HP computer and I knew how to do everything on it; everything I needed to do, anyway. When that computer died, we got a MacBook Pro. I hated it for a long time and am only now warming up to it. Beyond checking email and searching the web I couldn't do anything deliberately. It was all accidental and I could never figure out how to do it again. Anyway, I finally learned how to upload photos. (baby steps) Easy, right? Not so much for me (I listed needed to become acquainted with technology as a goal for the new year). So now I can add pictures to posts that deserve them. Quite exciting for me! :D

Second: On Thursday of last week, we drove to Phoenix to see the New Jersey Devils play the Phoenix Coyotes. The Devils are a big deal in this house...hubby is from NJ and therefore is a big fan and son is a huge Martin Brodeur fan (what with his being a goalie and all; in fact Martin inspired his love of the game and the position) so all things Devils are good things. So we roll up to our hotel after a 6-sixish hour drive and see a huge bus out front. Hubby and son get very excited that it's possible the bus belongs to the Devils. It does. After we check in, we start seeing them coming out of the main lobby. They are a really nice bunch of guys whom we have met before in 2003. It was a very cool thing. The game was lost 4-3 by the Devils, but it was awesome just to watch them play. :)

Devils general manager (and all-around hockey big-wig)
Lou Lamoriello, son and hubby.
Goalie extraordinaire Martin Brodeur and his biggest fan.

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