Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vanity vs. Sanity

I firmly believe in the power of a (cue scary music and shrieking) Bad Hair Day. It's been about 4 months and 3 inches since my last haircut. Not a long time for some people, but for me it feels like a lifetime. I'm not a long hair kinda girl (my profile pic is the primo length for me) and right now my hair is touching my collarbone and it's making me crazy. This is the longest my hair has been in about 15 years. I am fully aware of the fact that this isn't a 'big picture problem' and doesn't change my life in any real way, but dang it, if I'm having a B.H.D., EVERYONE suffers. Seriously.

I had a lady doing my cuts and color for about a year or more and it was great when she started; perfect cut, excellent color, and suddenly the process went from a normal 2 1/2 hour ordeal to 4 and 5 hours!! She would occasionally make color mistakes (almost black once and purplish-red stripes instead of medium brown low-lights) and/or have to re-cut because it wasn't short or layered enough. I don't have the time or patience for that anymore so today I had to finally find a new place. I go Monday for my cut and whew! am I glad. I was on the verge of angry tears with this over-grown mess on my head. Seriously considered cutting it myself. I did hack at my bangs a bit (I always do that right before a cut....don't ask why, I don't even know) so I knew it was time.

Why is a stylist/client relationship so much like a romantic relationship? I mean really, you only see that person maybe once every 6-8 weeks and not even for very long. Normally, anyway. It seems like when you decide to leave that it has to be done gradually, or after a long absence (the method I chose). I understand the personal-ness of the service and the confiding that goes on, but why the guilt in leaving? Or is that just me? I always see in women's magazines where it suggests telling the person you're leaving and why, but wow, that seems like it's so rude. Picture it:

you: "Hi, I have to tell you that I'm going to be having someone else cut my hair."
them: "Why, are you moving or something?"
you: "No, really it's you, not me. I don't like what you do anymore."

Kinda on the mean side, I feel. I couldn't do it. In my fantasy, she doesn't even notice that I'm gone and we both go on about our lives.


p.s. Wish me luck on Monday....

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