Monday, February 8, 2010

On the road...again

Lately the whole 'travel hockey' thing is getting on my nerves. Big time. It has consumed our whole lives. Every weekend there's somewhere else to be, and at a ridiculous hour to boot. I guess these trips would be considered local, but a two+ hour drive to and from with 2 - 3 hours in between makes for a really l o n g day! And with two to three practices a week, well, you get the picture.

In November we drove to Tempe/Chandler, Arizona and that was cool because we've made the drive to AZ. tons of times. This time, though, we're off to Denver, CO. Actually Arvada, a suburb of Denver. We were supposed to leave today, but alas, the weekend was consumed (games Sat. and Sun. and a practice to contend with) and time got away from us. Last night hubby looked at flights online, but we decided to stick to out driving plan. Are we crazy?? Probably. We'll be gone about 11 days total. !

When we were going to leave today, we had all kinds of time to kill on the drive (or so it seemed), but now we feel the need to tighten up and make the whole trip in two days. Tomorrow make it to New Mexico and the next day into Denver. hmmmm.... Not real sure about how that's going to go, but we have no choice I suppose.

Wish us luck...

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