Monday, February 8, 2010

There's no crying in Target

Except for today. Out running errands for our road trip (see post below), I stopped at Target. As I was driving up and down the aisles in the parking lot, I spotted a little boy about 8 or 9 with a drink in his hand. No big deal except that the mom/daughter combo I saw near him walked away and he didn't follow. Maybe he didn't belong with them. So as I came up the other side of the aisle, again I see another mom/daughter combo walk away and he stayed put. I proceed into the store and I go in the exit (which I never do; too many carts to run into head-on, you know?) and there's a mom crying holding her daughter talking to Target security. I almost walked on by until I heard the mom ask if anyone has looked in the bathroom. I interrupted and asked if she was looking for a little boy and she exclaimed "YES!" so I told her where I saw him and she ran out to the parking lot and there was her little boy. Turns out he was waiting for her at their car. Smart boy.

As I was going through the line, she was still standing at the exit and she saw me and came over and gave me a big, teary eyed hug and so of course I start crying because a few years back I thought we lost our son at Sea World. Very scary. So we're both crying and smiling at each other. And I said to her kids "Always stay with your mom, o.k.?" and her little boy replied "Well, I just got a little off track, that's all." Needless to say, he was all smiles and had not a care in the world. Typical of little kiddies when they get lost, right?

My husband and son are always telling me to not stare and be nosy. I always tell them it's good to notice what's going on. Turns out I'm right. ;)

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