Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm so excited! Here it is, 11:00 p.m. and I figured I'd post a quick something or other and low and behold....I have a comment! It was from Simone at Beach Vintage. Her blog is like a bit of a virtual vacation...beautiful pictures and great ideas. Check it out. I love it. I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU and a hug to her. Is that weird?? I hope not. :)

Being new to blogging, so often I feel like I'm writing to nobody, Goodnight Moon style; blogging to nobody. I'm always in awe of all the blogs I come across with so many followers and such. Now, I understand that one comment doesn't make me a contender for anything, but it feels good that somebody wrote something back, you know? Thank you, Simone!

I feel newly inspired to keep on blogging. If you blog it, they will read it.

Eventually. ;)

This little yarn heart was something I walked past for four days in Arizona. It was on the ground all by it's lonesome and as much as I wanted to pick it up, I couldn't disturb it in it's perfect little heart shape.

I obviously have no idea if it was intended to be a heart or what, but I like to think that it just fell that way. I love hearts and am always on the lookout for a heart shape in nature. My favorite find are shells, leaves and rocks that my son and I have found together.

What 'I wonder if that's on purpose' thing have you come across?

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Beach Vintage said...

Wow, thanks for the beautiful mention. I know sometimes it can feel like you are blogging to no one, thats how I started too. Keep it up, comment often, follow up on comments often and keep blogging about things that make you smile. xx