Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer is coming

And that always make me look around and want to change everything in our house! I want to go from warm colors to cool and bring out every seashell we've ever found, every bright colored anything we have, spruce up the bathrooms, make the living room like a magazine cover for almost any June issue you can think of and redo the kitchen entirely. Get rid of the red and green affects, clear off the counters and go light and beachy. I suppose these things are possible and can be done with minor pain, but usually once I do something like that, I want all the old stuff back immediately.

This is a great piece of plant life I found at the beach during spring break. I left it behind because they ask you not to take anything, but boy, I wanted it so badly!

Also, as much as I tell myself it won't cost anything, that is almost never true. Yes, I 'shop' at home first, but let's be realistic. We all want at least one new thing. Right? I take away one thing and all of a sudden there's an empty spot that needs something. That puts me in the car on my way to Homegoods, Target, thrifting, or anywhere I can find a little something to fill said space. Then, come next season, I have too much stuff and can't decide what to keep.

I'm sure this is normal and as much as I try to control my urges, it doesn't always work out. I'm sure in the next couple weeks, there will be major upheaval and deep cleaning going on and a bright, relaxing lightness to our house. And maybe a few new items that were added to the mix....

What do you do to change with the seasons at your house? Major things or just a few little tweaks?

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