Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Disney details

When we went to Disneyland for my son's birthday, he wanted us to be touristy. That meant dragging around the big camera and going on all the rides we could and doing all the things we always overlook.

I always have my little camera, but having my big Nikon...even if it meant one more thing to stow away on rides and it's weight adding to the neck strain already caused by my bag.

Anyway, here are some fun things we saw.....

This giant watermelon slice was part of a ride in California Adventure and it squirts out water that smells wonderfully like watermelon. Very cute.

This was a bloom on a tree (forgive me for not knowing what it is, if anyone knows, feel free to shout it out) and I thought it was so beautiful; the shade of pink was perfect, so I had to shoot it.

The lady wearing this hat sat in front of us on a ride and I loved that her hat had a smiley face.
Again, I had to get a picture. I was trying to be stealthy about it, so it's not quite as good as I would have wanted, I wanted the side without the pin, but it's still cute.

Also at California Adventure in the Bug's Life 'land'. They have quite a few water features and it's actually a wonderful thing on a hot day! Even the adults get into it. The sheer size of these features is awesome and it truly feels like being a bug. You look up and there are leaves of fake clover and other grass type 'structures'....very fun.

I can't be sure, but these yummies may have been my favorite things of the day. There's a little bakery in Disneyland way in the back where Winnie the Pooh hangs out (I love that willy nilly silly old bear!!) We always get a cupcake there, but maybe one day we'll get one of these beautifully decorated apples. It's a bit hard to see in this photo, but there's a tiny bee on the 'Hunny' pot....

The details put into Disney are amazing. We go often enough that it's a bit redundant at times, but on the days we really look, well, it's a feast for the eyes and could make a fun day even if you don't get on all the rides.

~I used Picnik for the polaroid frame, what a fun site!!

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