Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet 'Curly'

A few years ago we got a Betta fish who lived happily with us for almost 6 years. I don't really know if that's a long time, but it felt like it to us. He was red and because of that our son named him Dale in honor of his favorite NASCAR driver Dale Jr. (his #8 car was red). Dale died and although we weren't totally distraught, it was sad. He was a funny fish with a personality.

A few weeks ago, our son decided he wanted another one and so off to PetCo we went. After searching through all the little cups (so sad to me sometimes, they look so forlorn) we carried two around while he picked out all the goodies for his new 'pet'. In the end, we put those two back and went home with this guy.

After about a week, he made a nest for his non-existent family-to-be. A good sign, we learned. It meant that he was doing well.

If you can't find him right away, look a little harder and you'll see that he blends perfectly with this little plant. It's a little bigger than this photo shows and sometimes he hides in there pretty well.

Here is the reason I call him Curly. See his top fin? It's shaped like a corkscrew. At first I thought it was going to straighten out, but it hasn't and I think it's kinda cute. My son agrees, but hasn't really given in to actually naming him Curly. I don't know why not...

He has a funny habit after eating a bite of food; he goes to the surface, bites the food, then darts around the bowl like crazy and then sort of hides out until the next piece is dropped in. He then attacks it and swims like crazy all over again. He does this until he's full.

Silly fish. Hopefully he sticks around as long or longer than Dale. And hopefully he gets a permanent name soon...

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