Friday, October 29, 2010

New living room...

In our new house we have real living room! Amazing, right? I know you're jealous. ;)

In our last house the living room was teeny-tiny and oddly laid out...if you can even call it 'laid out'. At any rate we had odd and end stuff in there. Very make-shift and it made me unhappy.

Fast forward to now.

We had an empty living room. Also making me unhappy.

I recently saw some new furniture on CL listed by a home stager; a whole living room set for a great price and it's a great color/style, to boot. YAY!

Problem #1? It's in Seattle and we're in Spokane. Only 297 miles, not a huge deal, really, but still an all day excursion. Our 13 yo son wanted to stay home! NO, I don't think so, what if something happens?

We make the drive in one car and pick up a U Haul truck there in Seattle. Um, yeah, so Seattle is VERY confusing to drive around in!! Tons of twists and turns, streets that stop and start elsewhere, just craziness all around. Before we left, we looked online for maps of the few places we needed to hit, but didn't really get a 100% exact map of our destinations.

We thought "How hard can it be?" Very hard, that's how hard! After we got the truck and hit up the bank, I got online, borrowing wireless from someone who didn't have his access locked, (Jim grabbed the laptop for some reason) and was able to find directions from where we were to the furniture. And we're off. Separately. With one cell phone between us. (I had lost mine and had it turned off and haven't replaced it yet.) Awesome.

Problem's #2 - 736? THE DIRECTIONS ARE WRONG! We don't know where the other is. It's pouring rain. Getting late and dark(er). I'm horrible at direction (even with my handy temp./direction thingy in my car. No GPS. etc., etc. You get the picture.

I drove lost for probably only about 10-15 minutes, but it felt like hours. In complete distress, I get on the freeway. I had the phone, so I finally call the guy with the furniture and thankfully my move to get on the freeway is the right one and he gets me to the warehouse in about 10 minutes with no problem. After that, we wait for an hour and a half for hubby to show up with the truck and $$! I started thinking the worst about where he may be along with the fact that my son and I are at some warehouse in the bowels of Seattle and NOBODY knows where we are. It felt vaguely like a Lifetime movie. Not a good feeling. Thankfully the guy at the warehouse is nice and waits and waits and waits with us.

Finally Jim finds his way and we load up and are off back home. Keep in mind that we left at 10 am and it's now 6:30 - ish. We don't get home until after 11 pm! Exhausted. Jim more-so than I, since he had just retuned home from a whirlwind driving trip to Cali in which he drove straight through there and back!! (With 48 hours in between, but he was busy busy.) Ca-razy! To add to the fun, we stopped once to get gas and a little something to eat and got separated from each other and Guerin went with dad and was very upset (crying a bit) that I was lost for good. Poor guy!

Once we finally got home, Guerin informed me that I wasn't allowed on CL anymore!! :)

Good news is that the furniture is great and I've been having tons of fun decorating and putting stuff's been a long time! When I delete some pics from my camera, I'll get around to taking some pics up!


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