Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Have you seen the checkbook?"

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures for this post (although I guess you could imagine what it would look like), but it makes me laugh.

Whenever we travel Jim doesn't like to take the checkbook so he wants to 'hide' it at home. This particular trip we were going to NY and after packing, Jim says "I'm putting the checkbook here." Keep in mind I wasn't looking at where he was referring to and just said "mmhmmm."

We go on our amazingly fun trip (I heart NY!!) and have the best time. During the first few days home and needing to write a check, Jim and I look everywhere for the checkbook and neither of us can find it anywhere.

After a few days of being home, I'm making dinner and preheat the oven. As it's heating I start to smell burning, but don't think anything of it...I just figure the oven hadn't been used in a while so it's smelling hot or something.

*don't count on me in any type of emergency...I'll figure out another less scary reason why things are going wrong.

I go to put dinner into the oven and open the door, out billows all this smoke and I see that the source of it is something stuck in the heating element at the top of the oven...

I found the checkbook!


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