Thursday, November 18, 2010

Slightly obsessed...

With the notion (pun intended, lol) of sewing. Almost a year ago I bought a Brother sewing machine at Target. It was $35, on clearance from $140. Awesome deal!

Growing up my mom sewed everything from my clothes to my doll's clothes. Barbie included. :) I never asked to learn and she never offered. She even made her own clothes in high school.

Then in high school I took Home Ec instead of a foreign language. No way was I gonna do a skit in Spanish in front of my peers when I could barely do an oral report in English!! I'd learn cooking and all that 'stuff'.

Of course part of HE is sewing. Well, guess what? I, apparently, was way too cool for that. It was the only part of the course that lowered my grade. Just as oral reports lowered my grade in English, so much so that I had to make up credit my Senior year in night school (oops), but that's for another time.

So here I am with no kiddies to sew for, no real prospects actually...I just want to learn. I had been reading a blog for a while, Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life (she went private - rude!) and she blogged of her attempt at sewing. Her story sounded much like mine. Her post had me crying I was laughing so hard!

I hope I'm remembering it correctly...

She reported that threading the darn thing was so impossible for her (I think she tried for two hours) and still got nowhere. Now the machine sits (according to her) in the basement like a bad child....thread stuck and all.

Not too inspiring for a girl like me who tends to give up rather quickly.
I'm working on that.
So after reading lately of so many bloggers sewing their hearts out, I'm off to try my own hand at the task....

Wish me luck! ;)

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