Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our first snow!!

I'm from California. Born and raised. That's why when I looked outside this morning (I was the only one awake) and saw snow falling from the sky I ran upstairs like a little kid on Christmas. I even think I had a tear in my eye....In fact, I know I did.

what a dork.

I had to wake up Guerin because that poor boy has been hating on the weather man here like nobody's business! He could. not. wait. for the snow that's been forecasted for about a week or so. And he wouldn't have let me live it down had I not woken him up.

Jim actually thought something was wrong...what with the way I ran up the stairs and all. :)

So after much grumbling turning to excitement, everyone headed outside. Now, don't get me wrong, I realize I'm an amateur and the 'snow' isn't even sticking right now, but gimme a break, it fell lightly for over an hour, so I consider that to be snowing.

Please pay no attention to the ugly garden boxes. They need a major overhaul, but I'm just not interested right now. :)

We stayed out for a while. Guerin had hockey practice, so the fun had to end sometime. We can't wait for it to really come down!

Bring it on, weather man!!!

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