Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another find...or two.

I've been on the hunt for a couple things. I don't normally find things that I'm looking for, especially if I go the thrifting route.

Oh, I find lots of other things, just not what I went for. I guess, though, that's the nature of the beast.

A couple days ago, I went on what was supposed to be a 'Return a few things to Target' trip. I take those often...I'm surprised my name isn't on some national data-base that tells retailers I'm not allowed to return things anymore. I can guarantee I'd be over the legal limit. If there was one. :)

It's a bad habit, the shopping and returning cycle.

OK, sorry. Get on with it, right?? So instead of going all the way to Target (there are only two in my area and both are at least 15-20 minutes away. Without traffic. And I can only take the freeway to one of them - the closer one - and it makes shopping at Target not seem so fun.) I went to the Goodwill (it's super close to my house!!). Not sure if that's bad or good. Best not to analyze it, though, right? Just let it be.

{side note} In California I lived within a 10 minute radius of FOUR Targets. FOUR!!! It was amazing...they were all huge and getting outfitted to be super-Targets too, adding in the produce and all that jazz. Starbucks in all but one, ya' know? FUN! No Starbucks in either of the ones here. That was the only place I even got Starbucks - and not every time, but sometimes. You can imagine how disappointed I was when we got here, but it's better for my wallet I guess. At least that's what I tell myself....

Yes, I know there are worse things that I could be experiencing, but I had to vent for a sec.

Anyway! Sidetrack City. Sorry.

I did my walk-through and saw this adorable coffee table just sitting there. Do you ever see cute things and wonder why everyone else is just walking past, like it isn't even there?? I understand not everyone's definition of cute is the same and probably other people aren't looking for whatever it is you're drooling over, but still, do you ever wonder? I do.

At first I noticed it's color was kinda what I was planning on painting whatever I found, then I saw it's cute corners...

It's chippyness isn't quite what I had in mind, but I could paint it again and chip it the way I want to. And then the cute detailing on both sides...

All of it's fun looking legs and the support that runs the length of it (please pardon my lack of furniture term knowledge!)..."hi, sad floppy brown pillow!" "hello..."

And then I sat on it. 'Cuz that's normal, right? VERY sturdy! YAY!!! I grabbed the ticket off the top $29.99 (a little pricier than I'm used to in this particular store, but it's so sturdy, I couldn't balk at it) and did another lap.

I went back and put the ticket back on top.

And I LEFT! As in went to my car and drove away to try again to make it to Target (I didn't make it). As I was getting some draft blocker things at Bed Bath and (friggin') Beyond (TV show, anyone??) instead, it occurred to me that I really wanted that table!

Suddenly I remembered the lady looking at it before I left. And I panicked. I think maybe I need to do something about the panicking in thrift stores...it could become a problem.

Obviously, I got there and it was still there. :)

I couldn't believe my luck. Usually things are long gone when I go back.

You better believe I snatched up that ticket and took that table straight to the checkout!! :)


A few months ago, I found this little cutie at the Salvation Army. I WAS looking this time and was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what it was I wanted and in the right color!

This little drop-leaf number I wanted for the dining room was just what I was searching for. It's not staying 'decorated' like it is now, not everything on it at least, this is just some stuff I put on it to make it look more like it had a place in the room.

{please pardon the wires. and the mini blinds...we rent this house and for whatever reason, the owners put these hideous things up. in every room! ugh!! it makes no sense because they spent a pretty penny on tons of molding...every door face, every entry/exit to every room, beadboard, picture molding, eight inch baseboards, etc. and then had the nerve (it doesn't go at all!) to put up mini blinds!!
hopefully some cheap alternative comes along until maybe we find our own house... :) }

The runner was made by my great-grandma. I have other crocheted pieces she did, but can't quite find the right places to put them. This, however, was perfect for the size of the table. I'd love for it to look dressed for a buffet, but maybe that isn't totally practical.

But maybe who cares, right?

Cute is what I want it to be, darn it!

That's my thrifting story for this evening...and hopefully for a while. :) Any good finds for anyone else lately?

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Keri said...

Great finds!! I love the table.
Ya know, I never saw a Target with a Starbucks in it until we vacationed in Panama City Beach, FL once and they had one. It was great but we don't have those in GA yet.