Monday, January 17, 2011

Little red sled

I shouldn't have been in there, but I can't help myself. When I have lots to do, I tend to want to go shopping. You know the saying right? It's so true for me, unfortunately.

'When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!'

Not that I'm particularly tough, but you get the idea. So, I should be at home clearing all the Christmas stuff off of the dining room table....I moved it there to get it out of the living room. That makes sense right? Move it all from one room to the next in big messy piles. No rhyme or reason.

Wrong. It was way more stressful that way.

Anyway, I was at the Goodwill, mostly just to take my mind off the mess at home. I didn't intend to actually buy anything.

Yeah right! Who was I kidding??

Nobody, that's who. As I made my way to the back of the store (where the furniture is, as if that was what I needed), I see a lady unloading her cart (checking to see if she needs all she has in it, like I do when I'm in there) and next to her pile of stuff I see this little number...

I love everything about it: Red! Chippy! Old! $12.99!!

"Huh, say what??!"

I hope it's not hers. I hold my breath and walk away. I know a normal person would have just asked her if she was going to buy it. But I feel like that would make her look at it and want it just because I asked her.

I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to thrift stores.

So I take another lap, come back to it and just pick it up. No fear. And she doesn't say anything, doesn't tackle me for it, just continues to look over her loot.

As I go to pay, several people comment on it and I seriously wanted to hit them. I don't know why. It was a very weird feeling.

After I got home, my elation faded as I remembered my mess and was kinda bummed that Christmas was over since this little ditty would have made a super cute decoration on my porch!

Definitely next year!

I love it's chippyness! SO much...

And all it's tiny little nails. Even the wonky ones. Maybe especially the wonky ones. :)


When I lived in California, not only would you NEVER see anything like this in the Goodwill, you'd certainly never see it at $12.99! Prices there were like an antiques store.

Slightly ridiculous to say the least.

Can't wait 'til next year to do something cute with this guy!! :)

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Keri said...

Wow! Great find! I have the same problem when it comes to thrift store. I tell myself I'm just going in to look around. Not buy anything. I always come out with something. Whether its a book or a coffee mug. Something. Always. This would and will definitely be an awesome decoration!