Thursday, August 18, 2011

New toy.

We did it.  We bought one of these!  It had been something we've talked about for a while now (even before we had even gone camping as a family) and always put it off thinking we'd never use it or whatever excuses we could think of.

I think part of our apprehension lied in where we were living.   Don't get me wrong, California has some amazing camping to offer (Sequoia National Forest being my favorite what with the giant redwoods and all, but as a grown-up, I am TERRIFIED of the mountain roads!!) and not only in the mountains...there is a whole coastline of gorgeous beaches to see.  Somehow though, it didn't seem like we were gonna camp at any of those places.

So here in Washington, we have so many options within an hour of our house!  In CA everything was hours away (and that was just the time it was supposed to take.  Not the time it really takes with all the traffic.  

Anyway, I can't wait to get it (it's getting ready for us at the dealer) so I can cute it up!!  We were lucky enough to find one that had plain fabric on the dinette and sofa (not like the crazy tonal patterns so many of them have...those are just not me!).  The fabric and walls are a very calm light chocolate milk color that I think will go with lots of colors.  If I was talented, I could recover them however I wanted to, but alas, I am not.  :(

I have always loved this (click on the green caravan in the top corner....I couldn't link up the post for some reason).  Obviously her decor is great for what she uses it for, but I love all the bright colors and the vintage feel.  Ours doesn't have that vintage look at all, but that doesn't mean I can't do up the inside with a nod in that direction, right?  There's also tons of inspiration on Pinterest!  As if I need a new reason to spend waste more time there.  : /

I want to put new window treatments, add some bright throws and pillows, put something fun on the walls, a cute runner on the floor and some cute bedding.  I already have lots of cute bright kitchen stuff to put in there.  Some lights strung on the awning, bright Adirondack chairs, astroturf....I can't wait!!! 

Of course I'm also excited to camp in it too...  :)

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