Monday, August 22, 2011

Lesson learned.

Don't double a jelly/jam/soft spread recipe.  Apparently the ingredients don't cook the same and your final product will be liquid.  Not a fun thing to find out after what seemed like marathon chopping.  And processing.  And waiting.   For seemingly nothing.

BUT!  I remembered that I have this book and although I've only ever glanced at it, it sure came in handy yesterday!!

It's quite helpful and full of tons of 'recipes'.  Lucky for me there's a troubleshooting section and a cure for runny jelly!!  It involves recooking all your previously processed jelly with more sugar, lemon juice (even if the original recipe didn't call for it) and pectin (there are separate cures for liquid or powder variety pectins).

Thankfully all my jars of jelly set up this time and I can enjoy some today!  :p

I thoroughly recommend this book...there is so much info in it!!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh no! I had that happen to some of my jam this year too. It's almost more work to redo the jam then the first time. But thankfully mine set too. Sometimes it just happens even when you do everything perfect.

Glad you got yours to finally set too :) What kind did you make.

Oh and the farmers market I went to was at the new Great Park in Irvine. I've never been to the one at the Fair grounds but I will be going to check it out soon.

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

You are like the only other person I know that saw Homefront! That was good tv. Thanks for stopping by.