Tuesday, October 18, 2011


While at the Yankee Candle store the other day (there's a new store opening in my area and they offered BOGO...yay!), I noticed a little set of three glass jars with the scent sticks for Christmas.   

They were really cute; little red, green and brown jars with a little ornament style adornment
tied with red gingham ribbon.  At that moment I had an epiphany.  :)


I thought to myself "Hey, I have a small jar from the goodwill and they have the 
refill scents and sticks here.  I'll make my own."


So I did.  This isn't the exact jar, the original one is smaller (and cuter as it has 'third pint' embossed on the neck) but I found this one today and since it has a smaller opening, I knew it would 
be better since that way the liquid won't evaporate as fast.

Or so they say.

 I tied on my own ribbon and thing-a-ma-bob to decorate it.
The scent I bought is Spiced Pumpkin and it smells yummy...just enough scent to blend with 
the candle I bought (Nature's Paintbrush. It's new and has a soft leafy scent) for fall.

I used a little thrifted dish and these little seed/pumpkin looking things to give it a little more
fall 'oomph'.  What I love best about this is the endless possibilities season after season.

And that, folks, is my 'duh' moment for the week.

Oh, right, who am I kidding....there will be plenty more before the week is up!!   ;)


Gina said...

How great is it when a "duh" moment turns creative & gives you something pretty to enjoy?

That was a great idea that turned out perfectly.

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Very cute! I can smell it from here.