Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night we had a blackout. I was in the middle of making dinner and boom, sudden darkness. Of course, we don't have current batteries in our flashlights, so I groped around for candles and matches and got to lighting them.

I have a three Yankee candles in the big jars and a bag of tealights. I lit the Yankee candles and then started with the tealights not knowing where I was going to place them.

Then I had a brainstorm: use my sugar and creamer sets and some Whitehall snack set cups that I have.

It worked perfectly. Not only were they protected from being blown out, but they were easy to carry around due to the handles. Sometimes I amaze myself.


I think I may start using these guys on a more regular basis for this purpose. They looked so pretty all lit up.

The lights were out for over an hour and I was genuinely saddened when the lights came back on....

Who doesn't like candle light?

Although I know we should have working flashlights, and I will be putting batteries on my next Target shopping list, I'm thinking last night was kind of cool.

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