Monday, March 1, 2010

Clinton. Love him

I watch What Not to Wear religiously. Reruns, new episodes, marathons, whatever. The show cracks me up. Stacy and Clinton are a great duo.

Clinton Kelly wrote a book that I love. It's funny, informative and very entertaining. The way he writes, it's like he's talking right to you. If you're into looking better, dressing better, cooking; anything really, read this. I bought it the day it came out. His personality is totally obvious in this book.A few months later, I got an email from Macy's telling me that together with Clinton, they were making over America. Within that email, there was a form to fill out to be part of it. I wasn't chosen, but that's o.k. because I could still go to see him in person! YAY!!! When I got there, there were so many ladies waiting to be sat and watch the show. When he came out and the show started, it was awesome. The ladies he styled looked beautiful and he's so much fun to listen to. Like a BFF. Unfortunately, one lady fell during the catwalk, but he rushed right to her and put his arm around her waist, strutted her around again and walked her back to the curtain. Such a gentleman.
After the show, there was a book signing and somehow, I got bunched in a group of women who got to be the first ones to get their book signed. :) He was so awesome. He liked the jacket I had on; it was like one he had in an outfit in the show, and that was a major compliment to me. I think he's so cute and was happy to see that he looks and acts exactly like he does on TV.
The only disappointment was that there were no personal picture opportunities with him. I understand because it would have taken all day, but I was still a bit bummed. Anyway, there's a new set of dates for this year and hopefully I can make it to Seattle to visit my friend Heather and drag her to see Clinton with me. :)

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